Takeo Hanazawa Tsuchinoko Rhymes

PAST 02. 24. 2024 - 03. 22. 2024
Takeo Hanazawa 花澤 武夫
Tsuchinoko Rhymes ツチノコの唄
February 24 – March 22, 2024
GALLERY SIDE 2 is pleased to present Takeo Hanazawa’s 8th solo exhibition since his first how with us in 2007. The title “Tsuchinoko Rhymes”, Hanazawa was thinking of Renga (a linked poem) that pursue phantoms, as Tsuchinoko is a Japanese mythical creature. Across time and place, Hanazawa traces the footsteps of the people he respects. The works as a result, loosely relate to each other, causing some call and response. The exhibition is an homage to beauty that people have loved and protected.
References include; “Storehouse of Treasured Goods: Scribblings on the Wall” by Kuniyoshi Utagawa, a critical and humorous scribblings by the renowned woodblock artist, when the Ukiyoe was banned by the government. Catfish paintings of Edo period which relates to earthquake in 1855. Frank Lloyd Wright’s composition and stained glass, who is known to be influenced by Kuniyoshi and Hokusai. Flashy 80’s boombox, Luis Barragan’s light filled walls. Ukrainian novelist Andrey Kurkov’s “Death and the Penguin”. The new works re-edits Hanazawa’s own previous motifs which he repeatedly painted for the past 17 years. The mix also appears in the materials which include Japanese screens, burnt wood, icon-like gold leaf, graffiti sprays, Besides, interesting subjects, the textures and colors are also to joy to look.