Santi Alleruzzo

PAST 10. 21. 2022 - 11. 30. 2022


Santi Alleruzzo (1929-2006 ) was born in 1929 in Messina, a souther part of Italy. When he started to have solo exhibitions in 1958, he moved to Villa San Giovanni, a city across the Strait of Messina from his hometown. He had lived and worked there until his late years. Santi Alleruzzo had exhibited in various cities in Italy during his lifetime, including  Catania, Bologna and Rome. Although not so known outside of Italy, his tranquil paintings are getting attention more than 10 years of after his death.

Alleruzzo has repeatedly painted scenes from his private life, views from his walk, from his window. The horizontal composition that he experimented through his life reflects the light from the strait’s horizon as if to connect his past and present. The exhibition consists of 11 landscape works from the late 1970’s to 2005. As time goes by, the abstracted forms and compositions become concrete. Deep blue and purple from the strait, peach and cream in the sky, variety of greens in the trees and bushes, colors are the joy in Alleruzzo’s work. We hope you enjoy Santi Alleruzzo’s works that are filled with the light and the breeze from the Mediterranean soil.