Jun Fujita – New Works

PAST 10. 20. 2020 - 11. 14. 2020

Gallery Side 2 is pleased to present Jun Fujita’s 5th solo exhibition. Fujita has been making works based on the abstract image of sound. Not only paintings, he has experimented with wall paintings and paintings on musical instruments. In his early 20’s he was an assistant to an artist making base surfaces. He wondered if he were able to keep making contemporary art work. He has decided to make works based on textures of sound. Lines and forms imagined from rhythm, amplifiers, music sheets are materialized with toned down colors or mono tones. When music of  various cultural backgrounds are brought to Japan, they are often interpreted away from the political issues which creates different forms. Fujita looks for the forms that were not created in the western history but something real to him. He is much influenced with Minimal Techno which started with experiments with low key machines, relying on the creator’s feeling and sensitivity. Fujita also uses his techniques to express the abstract feeling of music. As many high technologies are born from the analog procedure, Fujita’s surface are immaculately made by hand. For the coming exhibition, Fujita creates new colorful works, re-mixing his groove and techniques.