Jae Yong Rhee “Memories of the Gaze”

PAST 05. 31. 2019 - 06. 28. 2019


GALLERY SIDE 2 is pleased to present Jae Yong Rhee’s first solo exhibition in Japan.  Jae Yong Rhee was born in 1969, Yeosu, South Korea, received his BA in Visual Communications, MA in Product Design from Hongik University.  After practicing as a professional photographer, he has started to make his work in 2010.  His works titled “Memories of the Gaze” is an ongoing series since then.  Rhee depicts construction sites in the cities, dying still life flowers, celadons and buddhas from the national museums, rice mills in the suburbs.  The images are captured over time and layered so that each photographs contains variations of time and space.  The photographs allow the viewer to relive Rhee’s gaze, as well as invite us to contemplate on the complexity of our memories.  The exhibition consists of the past and recent series of “Celadon” and “Rice Mill”.   The works in this exhibition simultaneously capture forces that disappear and those that endure. In so doing, Rhee suggests to the audience a new time and space, allowing for more expanded memories of the gaze.