Yuko Murata




b.  Tokyo, Japan

Lives and works in Kanagawa



1995 Setsu Mode Seminar

Solo Exhibitions

2012 “New Works”, Gallery SIDE 2, Tokyo

“A New Trip”, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea

2010 Inman Gallery, Houston, TX

Galeria Horrach Moya, Mallorca, Spain

Gallery SIDE 2, Tokyo

2009 “Under the Sky”, Alberto Peola, Turin

Casey Kaplan, NY

Gallery SIDE 2, Tokyo

2008 “The Songs of Birds”, Lammfromm, Tokyo

2007 Ikejiri Institute of Design, curated by Hideo Nakayasu, Tokyo

Gallery SIDE 2, Tokyo

2006 Galeria Horrach Moya, Mallorca, Spain

2005 “dried apricot”, Inman Gallery, Houston, TX

“new paintings”, Gallery SIDE 2, Tokyo

2004 Galeria Micia, Takamatsu

2003 “a snapping turtle and moon”, Gallery SIDE 2, Tokyo

2002 “windfall”, Gallery SIDE 2, Tokyo

2000 “Snow-Light”, Rocket Gallery, Tokyo

“Venus in the Woods”, Graphic Station, Tokyo


Group Exhibitions

2012 “Pere Llobera, Yuko Murata, Jacco Olivier,” Gallery Hidde van Seggelen, London

Project room in conjunction with Daido Moriyama, Stephen Cohen, Los Angeles

Inauguration exhibition, Yusto / Giner, Malaga, Spain

2011 “Pathos and Small Narratives: Japanese Contemporary Art”, curated by Tomio Koyama,

Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea

“Everything must go”, Casey Kaplan, NY

2010 James Cohan Shanghai, Shanghai

“Long Long Gone”, curated by Ridley Howard, Leo Koenig, NY

2009 “The Tree”, James Cohan Shanghai, Shanghai

2008 “Four of a Kind”, Gallery SIDE 2, Tokyo

2008 “Probably”, Inman Gallery, Houston, TX

2007 “New and Rising Artists 2007”, curated by Norimasa Nishimatsu, Pola Museum Annex, Tokyo

“Dreaming Faraway”, Inman Gallery, Houston, TX

“A Serious Paradise”, curated by Patricia Maloney, Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco

“REBOOT:The Jim Barr and Mary Barr Collection”, Christchurch Art Gallery, New Zealand

“Surroundings revisited”, curated by Per Knutås, Kent State University, Ohio

2006 “Chaosmos”, curated by Koji Kurokawa, Sakura City Art Museum, Sakura, Chiba

“posters”, Gallery SIDE 2, Tokyo

“Side by Side”, Lammfrom, Tokyo

“Dirty Yoga”, curated by Dan Cameron, Taipei Biennial, Taipei Fine Arts Museum

2005 “Honeymoon with Romeo”, curated by Holly Coulis, GroeflinMaag, Basel

2004 “Take Art Collection”, Spiral Garden, Tokyo

2003 “WFM”, Logos Gallery, Tokyo

2002 “Shop* Roket”, Rocket Gallery, Tokyo

2002 “Yuko Murata, Jun Fujita, Kiyomichi Shibuya, Shinako Sato”, Gallery SIDE 2, Tokyo

2001 “Private Visions”, Speak For Gallery, Tokyo

“Landscapes”, TakaIshii Gallery, Tokyo

2000 “The Choice Prize Exhibition”, Creation Gallery G8, Tokyo



2012 “Yuko Murata cushions”, produced by lammfromm, Tokyo, Japan

2008 “Yuko Murata postcards”, produced by lammfromm, Tokyo, Japan

2007 “2008 calendar”, Marks Inc., Tokyo, Japan

2005 nowhere to be found, AN note sponsored by Kokuyo, Japan

Invitation/poster image, Fall/Winter collection of et vous, Japan

Book cover image, Kai Hsegawa, “Haiku for a million people”, Kodansha Publishing Inc., Japan

CD jacket and live concert ad image, Polaris, Japan



2009 Steep Rock Arts Association